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Palm Sunday Party



Palm Sunday - March 28, 2021

Sermon: “PALM SUNDAY PARTY” Mark 11:1-10

Opening Hymn: “Ride On, Ride On, in Majesty” (LSB #441)
Hymn of the Day: “All Glory, Laud, and Honor” (LSB #442)
Communion Hymns:
“I Come, O Savior, to Thy Table” (LSB #618)
“O Lord, We Praise Thee” (LSB #617)
“The Death of Jesus Christ, Our Lord” (LSB #634)
Closing Hymn: “Hosanna, Loud Hosanna” (LSB #443)

Old Testament Reading: Zechariah 9:9-12
Epistle: Philippians 2:5-11
Holy Gospel: Mark 11:1-10

Speaker: Don Fraker

March 28, 2021

Mark 11:1-10

Don Fraker

Senior Pastor

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