A Stephen Ministry Congregation

One in Christ.

One in Ministry.

One in Mission.

One in Christ.


One in Ministry.


One in Mission.


Jesus brings us together by faith:

Faith Centered on Jesus

Everything we believe and do at Cross begins with Jesus. He is the Living Word of God who saves us from sin, death, and the devil. This rescue is a pure gift for us; Christ has done for us what we could never do on our own.

This truly is Good News for you, and it is the story we encounter in the Bible. We trust every word of the Scriptures as the perfect message for us from our perfect God. Each story and verse points us to Jesus, who is Himself both the Author and the Object of our faith.

Father, Son, and Holy Spirit

We believe that God has shown us the best picture of Himself through what He has done for us on the Cross. Our God will stop at nothing - even sacrificing the life of His only begotten Son - to show us the immeasurable love He has for us... to give us forgiveness... to do what it takes to welcome us into eternal life with Him. This is the one true God who has revealed Himself in the Bible to be one God in three Persons: the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Together with the historic Christian Church throughout the ages, we share in confession with the faith set forth by the Apostles', Nicene, and Athanasian Creeds.

Law and Gospel

This paradigm is key to understanding both the Bible itself and how God works through His Church. The Law shows us our sin: each of the ways we have failed to live up to the perfect standards of God. The Gospel shows us our Savior: Jesus brings us the Good News that He has lived a perfect and sinless life in our place - and has given us His own perfection before God as a free gift. We see both Law and Gospel on each page of the Bible, and it helps us learn how we fit into God's great story. These also guide us each day in our lives of faith. When we confess our sins against God and one another, God faithfully hears us and provides us with His full and free forgiveness.

Baptism and Communion

God certainly is not bound by any rules or expectations we might attempt to impose upon Him... and yet we acknowledge that in His own holy Word, He has promised to work through the "Means of Grace" for us. In His great mercy and love for us, He has chosen to deliver His great gifts to us through Word and Sacrament ministry. Both Baptism and Communion (aka the Lord's Supper) have been instituted by God, connect God's holy Word with visible elements, and promise the gift of forgiveness for those who receive them by faith.

Baptism is all about what God is doing in the life of a person. While some churches may teach that it is mostly about what we should do for God, we affirm the Biblical teaching that God alone can save - and that He has promised to do this through His gift of Baptism. Because the Holy Spirit alone is able to create faith in the human heart, we welcome people of any age to the waters of Baptism. If you would like to know more or wish to schedule a Baptism at Cross, please contact our Pastors in the church office. We also have an online form that can help start the conversation too.

Communion is an amazing blessing to be celebrated by baptized Christians who have been instructed in the Bible's teachings about the Lord's Supper. Jesus is truly present in, with, and under the physical elements of bread and wine. He meant what He said on the night He instituted this holy meal; we receive His very body and blood from Him as a gift. We also believe that the Lord's Supper is a powerful statement of what a person believes, and that our unity of confession together is an important part of participating in this Sacrament. Our Pastors would be happy to talk with you about any questions you may have!

We are a member congregation of the LCMS: