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From the Principal: October 2021

by Corey Brandenburger on October 01, 2021

Cross Lutheran Church and School is a community of believers that gathers around God’s Word in a variety of ways on our campus each week.  One of the cool ways I get to be involved in our ministries (besides the obvious principal gig) is as one of our youth leaders.  We have an amazing group of dedicated teenagers that take time out of their busy schedules each week to gather for fellowship and Bible study on Wednesday nights.  As parents of teens, Courtney Mann and I treasure the time we get to spend with those kids.  They are striving to be salt and light in a world that really needs them.  Lately, we’ve been studying God’s word to see how He has created us with purpose, and how Jesus holds all things together as He is In All Things. 


Sound familiar?  In All Things is not only the theme for our school year, it’s also the theme for the LCMS National Youth Gathering this summer in Houston, Texas!  We’ll be taking our youth (well, those that sign up by October 17, to Houston for a week in July that will include hanging out with thousands of their closest Lutheran friends, attending sectionals designed to help them grow as Christian leaders in their homes, school, and communities, and to serve God by serving others in the Houston area.  A highlight of the Gathering for me takes place when we gather for the Lord’s Supper—over 20,000 people communing together is an amazing picture of the body of Christ and the joy of eternity.


Our high school and college-aged youth are not just focused on the National Youth Gathering.  We are also gathering on Sunday mornings for Sunday School in the youth room (10:00-10:45).  We’re hanging out on Wednesday nights (6:00-8:00pm); We’re rubbing elbows with kids from all the local high schools as well as some of our favorite heroes from the Bible.  We play games, enjoy snacks, and dig into our bibles.  God is at work in the young people of this congregation and community.  Courtney and I are in awe of what cool kids they are when Youth Group is over each week.  Those 20+ kids that show up are taking that Good News to the hallways of their classrooms.  They know that Cross Lutheran cares about them through the adults in their lives, and they get to spending time together with people that have shared worship life and experiences while also including new people into the fold.


Encourage your teenager to be a part of our Youth Group.  It’s a great way to build connections and relationships that they might not otherwise have.  It’s a place for them to share their concerns and experiences and apply a Lutheran understanding of the Word to those challenges that face them.  It’s a way for them to know and to help others know that they are not alone in the world.  If you want to keep up with the latest youth news, you can join our Remind group.  Send a text to: 81010.  Text this message: @crossnbtx.  Have your teen join, too.  It’ll be a great way to stay up-to-date with Youth plans throughout the year.  We’re looking forward to seeing all of our youth here at Cross!



Corey Brandenburger & Courtney Mann

Youth Leaders


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