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From the Principal May 2021

by Corey Brandenburger on May 01, 2021

For Cross Lutheran Church and School students and parents, the beginning of May indicates an approaching end.  For most, it will feel impossible to believe that the 2020-2021 school year is coming to an end.  While the celebrations and activities we put on hold last year are not going to be back in their full force this year, celebrations and activities are being planned nonetheless.  Students, parents, teachers, and all the rest of our staff are entering the final push before summer days enter our schedules.

Throughout this year, we have trusted God to help us LOVE, SERVE, and GROW.  And now, part of that GROWing means focusing on the future.  For our students, it can be a time of fear.  Fear for 8th graders moving on to new high schools; fear for 3rd graders moving to a new building on campus; fear for others as teachers come and go.  It’s fear of the unknown and fear of change.  It’s a blessing to remember that God LOVEs us no matter what is taking place in our lives.  And although it’s okay to have some uncomfortable feelings in a time filled with change, it’s also important to remember that our Savior SERVEs us especially well in these times!

As one connected to Cross Lutheran Church and School, you have played a role in helping our students hear the lifesaving message of the Gospel each day.  A school ministry such as ours takes a team of teachers, parents, principal, pastors, librarian, assistants, volunteers, and community members to make it work together and grow.  Thank you for the part you’ve played in helping to train up children of Cross Lutheran School in the way they should go.  The time, talents, treasures, and prayers you have lavished upon those affected by school ministry did not go unnoticed.  Our students and all those gathered to support them throughout the school year have been blessed by you.

Our school year theme was LOVE. SERVE. GROW. Throughout this year, we have meditated on Christ’s words, “the Son of Man came not to be served but to serve, and to give His life as a ransom for many” (Matthew 20:28).  We repeated these words as we applied them to the way we live out our servant-leader approach to ministry as God’s dearly loved children.  We LOVE in response to God’s LOVE.  We SERVE in response to Christ’s SERVICE to us.  We GROW because the Holy Spirit empowers us, strengthens us, and builds our faith in Him.  We had many opportunities to LOVE God and others this year.  We had many opportunities to SERVE God and others this year.  We had many opportunities to GROW in Christ and in love toward one another this year. 

We couldn’t have done any of what we do so well in our School Ministry without the love, prayers, and support of people just like you.  You have blessed our team of staff and volunteers to be a blessing.  You have gotten involved and shared your treasures because you know the value of sharing Jesus with young people and their families.  Thank YOU!  Our School Ministry Team is grateful for your partnership in the Gospel.  As this next month flies by and we race into Summer Break, keep our Ministry Team, our Students, and all of their families in your thoughts and prayers!  It’s been a joy to LOVE. SERVE. GROW. with you this year!


In His Service,

Corey Brandenburger





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