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From the Principal: April 2022

by Corey Brandenburger on April 01, 2022

The Lenten and Easter seasons bring us some amazing blessings!  Sure, some of those include fellowship and worship on Wednesday evenings, Easter baskets full of chocolate, a sanctuary filled with Alleluias as we celebrate the Risen Lord, and a variety of other seasonal joys that we experience in the spring.  As we approach Easter, in the school ministry, we also get to approach it with new eyes.  A significant number of our students have never experienced Easter apart from egg-hunts and chocolate bunnies.  However, because of your commitment to Lutheran school ministry.  Many of our students, for the first time, will have an even greater understanding and appreciation of why there is a giant cross hanging at the forefront of our worship life and why we call ourselves Cross Lutheran Church and School.

It's no accident that God has called us into ministry.  What we do at Cross Lutheran Church and School each and every day has eternal impact.  Each time a student hears the Word, he or she is further equipped in their mission to take that Word out into our community and beyond.  Each time a student hears that he or she is a redeemed child of God, they are strengthened in their faith as the Holy Spirit works in their hearts.  It is no small thing that our school is growing and showing Jesus’ love to more and more students each year.  God is blessing our work here in the New Braunfels area.  He entrusts us with the Gospel and uses that same Gospel to build up our team and the ministry accomplished through the people that God has called into mission and ministry here at Cross Lutheran Church and School.  You are one of those people that God has called!  What an awesome gift and responsibility that God has blessed us with.

How will you respond to the Call?  There are lots of ways that you can respond in support this important ministry.  The easiest one is to show up.  When there are school events, be here.  Show the students of your school ministry that they are important to you—that the message of Jesus that you are trying to share with them is worth your time spent with them.  Volunteer during the school day, come to concerts, take in a sporting event and watch our Mighty Eagles soar!  Not sure how to get plugged in?  Ask a staff member (or call the school office!)!

Another way you can lend your support is to pray.  Pray every day for the students, parents, and staff of Cross Lutheran Church and School.  Pray that God would continue to life us up as a beacon of light in our community. 

Share your gifts!  Did you know that many of our students couldn’t attend school at Cross if it weren’t for generous donors like you?  People that go above and beyond their tithe to donate to the tuition assistance fund enable a Christ-centered education to be accessible to all students.  Every little bit helps, and when we all contribute together, we allow Christ to do amazing things!  A great way to do this is to join us at the Spring Gala.  It’s an amazing opportunity to share your story with school families, enjoy terrific food and entertainment, and raise money to make our school ministry program even more exciting!  The gala theme this year is Denim and Diamonds, so dust off your tiaras and kick up those cowboy boots—you’re not going to want to miss this amazing evening on May 14th.

As always, thank you for the part you play in directing children and their families to look for the living in the life-giving arms of Jesus!  I am proud to be in ministry with you!


In Him who is in All Things,
Corey Brandenburger



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