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From the Pastor: August 2021

by Mark Harris on August 01, 2021

The Lord is active… in all things!

With so much vibrant activity on the near horizon of our shared mission and ministry at Cross, I wanted to help us all look forward to a few highlights of how Jesus truly is building up His kingdom:

Youth and Children’s Ministry

In case you haven’t already heard, our new annual theme is borrowed from the National Youth Gathering—which will be held in Houston next summer. Please keep your eyes and hearts open for opportunities to support the high school youth and volunteers who will participate in this magnificent and life-changing event. Of course, one of these ways is... Bible Class Tacos! Yum!

We are also beginning to unfold something new and meaningful for the young people in our Cross Family: Milestone Ministry. As you will begin to see, each milestone helps to celebrate significant transitions in the lives of children and equip kids and their families to grow in the Christian faith. The first one we are developing is called “Family Bible Day” and will take place on 8/28. At the beginning of Third Grade, the year when students begin to read the Bible for themselves, we give them their very own exciting children's Bible (ESV) as a free gift. Through this interactive event, children and their parents are equipped to encounter Jesus through God's Word together as a family.

Small Group Ministry

Since this time last year, the Holy Spirit has brought 44 new people into our Cross Family! For them (you?) and for those of us who have been here longer, it is such a blessing to build lasting relationships with fellow believers in Christ! In this mailing (and soon, as a bulletin insert) you will find a sign-up sheet to join a small group. The biblical topics we will get to encounter together have me very excited already! I strongly encourage you to participate in our upcoming season.

Stephen Ministry

Later in this edition of Cross Ties, you will also find a fantastic article that helps re-introduce this effort into our Cross Family. All I will say here is that I am so thankful for and encouraged by Jennifer Kimmet, Tammy Krueger, and Abby Foote who have all begun significant training to become Stephen Leaders for us!

Music Ministry

Have you missed hearing the beautiful sounds of our full vocal and handbell choirs on Sunday mornings? I sure have too… Lord willing, these musical ensembles will soon be ringing out and singing out not too long after Labor Day.

School Ministry

I won’t steal any thunder from our Principal’s article, so be sure to also read this month’s very encouraging update from Dr. Brandenburger. What I will share with you is something I am very eager to say with all of our students in our newly customized chapel liturgy for the upcoming school year: “In Jesus all things were created! In Jesus all things hold together!” (These are based on our theme verses from Colossians 1:16-17.) What a blessing it is for us to share the Good News with so many children and families every single day!

        —Pastor Mark Harris



“The blessing of the Lord be on you; we bless

you in the name of the Lord.” (Psalm 129:8)


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